10 Adorable Animals in Wheelchairs

1. Chris P. Bacon the little piglet


This little piglet named Chris became an internet sensation when videos of him struggling to use a specially-made wheelchair by his owner, Len Lucero, a veterinarian, was posted online. The piglet’s hind legs are deformed and Dr. Lucero decided to adopt him after his owner dropped him off at the hospital where the vet works.

Chris has since appeared at children’s hospitals to cheer up the kids and Dr. Lucero’s goal “is to put him out there because he makes people happy.”

2. Holli the alpaca


Holli, an Alpace was born premature, but was rescued by Michelle Zumwalt, who owns a farm and is known for rescuing alpacas. Everything was fine until a dozen days later when a dog at the farm spooked Holli, causing her spine to be damaged and she became paralyzed waist down.

Zumwalt was not willing to give up and spent quite a bit, hoping to give her another chance. The story was soon spread around and someone paid a custom-made wheelchair for Holli. Holli has since become a therapy animal and brings a smile to those she meets.

3. The guinea pig – Estella


This adorable guinea pig, Estella was found paralyzed on the side of the road together with her companion, another guinea pig. The Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary readily took her both of them in upon learning of their story. It was believed that Estella’s previous owner has squeezed her too hard, causing her bones to break.

To give Estella a chance to walk about, the organization set up a campaign online to raise funds for her custom-fit wheelchair. They reached their goal in no time. The organization is sure the wheelchair will help Estella forgets about her past.

4. Blade the tortoise with Lego bricksa99817_23a1b9e400000578-0-image-95_1417445149924

We know that tortoise crawls at a slow speed but this little tortoise, Blade, was not as active. His owner took him to a local veterinarian and they discovered that Blade has a metabolic bone disease causing him unable to bear the weight of his shell. The vet decided to help Blade by using Lego bricks to create a skate for him. The skate was then fixed to his shell to support his weight, and allowing him to move more easily.

5. Frostie the snow goat


This cute little snow goat named Frostie had a rough start in life. He was born with a hind leg infection and was given a wheelchair by Edgar’s Mission, a non-profit farm animal sanctuary that rescued him. The farm nursed him back to health.

However, just when Frostie was able to jump and run about without the use of wheelchair for one week, he died in 2014 after falling ill.

6. A goldfish that had trouble swimming


If a fish has trouble swimming, it might has a buoyancy problem. That happened to a Redditor’s goldfish. He decided to help the little guy by making a floating device with a cork and sling for his goldfish to stay upright and swims. (Source)

7. Roosevelt the hopping dog

Roosevelt was born with deformed front legs. This didn’t stop him from getting around and was often seen hopping around like a kangaroo on his back legs. His owner adopted him and decided to buy him specially-made wheelchair which he uses for longer walks.

8. Roozer Brewz, a miniature horse


This adorable horse seen here is Roozer Brewz, a mini horse born with deformities which makes it difficult for him to walk. He was given corrective boots and the owners also got him a wheelchair which helps him to get around. The new wheels increase the strength in his legs. The result? The little horse could now walk and run with only his boots.

9. Flipper the cat


A group of students at Conifer High School saved this cat named Flipper after they learned that she will be put down due to having a twisted spine, a birth defect. They came up with several ideas to help the cat and finally decided on a “cart” that will help Flipper to walk around.

10. Ethel the rabbit


This furry bunny, Ethel contracted a mysterious illness that left her paralyzed. Her owner refused to put her down and searched online for a solution. Eventually, she found a company that custom-made wheelchairs for animals and order one for her bunny. The bunny soon got used to the wheelchair and starts hopping around.

by Jill Harness

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