Captain America and Star Lord join forces to bring smiles back to the faces of these sick children

Captain America (Chris Evans) and Star Lord (Chris Pratt) took time out to make these kids’ dreams come true. The two actors got together and visited a bunch of kids in hospital. To these young Marvel fans it was the coolest thing that could ever happen.

The whole idea started out as a bet between the two as to who would win the Superbowl game. The loser would have to put in their time and visit Marvel fans in hospital. The winner was Captain America, Chris Evans. Nevertheless, Chris Pratt, (otherwise known as Star Lord), decided to join in anyway. The two started by dropping in on the kids in Seattle and Boston Hospitals for a surprise visit. The pair had so much fun visiting the hospitals and helping the kids cheer up, they had an absolute blast!

This young chap is going to start a trend—he’s beginning superhero training as soon as he is out of hospital.

The Seattle Times

With a Captain America shield and Chris Evans by his side, he is not to be messed with. Watch out!


It’s not just the kids who are getting into the super hero thing—Marvel characters have fans of all ages. As you can see, these young ladies don’t mind at all having their photos taken with awesome looking super heroes.


 But then they visit the real star of the show—Chris Pratt and Chris Evans cheer up the bravest little person here—and no one is going to argue with that.

The fact that Chris and Chris took so much time out of their busy schedules to dress up and visit these kids in the hospital speaks volumes about who they are as people. This patient is sure to remember this moment for the rest of her life.

Here’s a shot of everyone getting into the action. Not only are these guys doing wonderful things to help out these kids, but they actually look like they are really enjoying themselves. But how could they not?

It’s amazing to see stars as big as these guys taking time out to really make dreams come true.
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