Two-Family House Found to be Illegally Converted and Housing 30 by Local Community

【非法改建屋系列報導一】兩家庭房屋三十人居住 非法改建引關注

在紐約一些新移民聚集區,包括皇后區和布魯克林,非法改建房屋現象,越來越引起當地居民和民選官員的關注。那麼什麼是非法改建,對所在社區造成什麼的影響。當地居民對此又是如何反應的呢?下面請看記者安心的非法改建屋系列報導,第一集 兩家庭房屋三十人居住 非法改建引關注

In some new immigrant areas in New York, such as Queens and Brooklyn, illegally converted housing has increasingly attracted attention from local residents and elected officials. Then what is illegal converted housing? What impact does it have on the local community? How did local residents react to this? Here is the first report from our correspondent Salina Wang on illegally converted housing. First report: 30 people living in two-family house, illegal converted housing attracted local community’s attention.

記者: 這裡是布魯克林戴克高地,在我身後的這個兩家庭的房屋,裡面被改建成五家庭,您可以想像嗎,18位成年人和13名兒童曾居住在這裡。

Reporter Salina Wang: “I’m at Dyker Heights. The two-family home behind me was converted into a five family home. Can you imagine it? 18 adults and 13 children have lived here.”

這座被非法改建的房屋,遭鄰居舉報,現已被執法部門清空。大門上貼著消防局的中文告示。人員疏散, 禁止入內。

This illegally converted house was reported by the neighbors, and has how been cleared by law enforcement agencies. A public notice written in Chinese was posted on door. Residents were evacuated and forbidden to enter.


Brooklyn 10th District Manager Josephine Beckman said, the two-family home, basement and garage were all converted into living rooms. Power supply, water supply and drainage system do not comply with relevant regulations. It has also violated the zoning of New York City Planning.

第10社區包括戴克高地、貝瑞吉和Fort Hamilton, 從規劃地圖上看,大部分都是淡綠色的代表一家庭和兩家庭的房屋。如果改變成多於兩家庭的房屋,就違反了分區法規。

The 10th district includes Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton. Based on the city planning map, the light green area represents one-family and two-family housing. If the house is converted to more than two-family housing, it then violates the zoning regulation.

Brooklyn 10th District Manager Josephine Beckman: “We are seeing houses converted by what used to be a bedroom to into a family unit space, and they share a common bathroom and kitchen, and that is called a single room occupancy under the law of new York city and that is not permitted in the zoning district.”


One to two family houses need to comply with the New York City law. More than two-family houses are governed by the State of New York.

Brooklyn 10th District Director Josephine Beckman: “three or more dwelling units are governed by the state of New York, and there are certain protections including fire safety, sprinklers, electric standards are different. Safety standards are completely different than a one or two family home. ”


Violation of zoning will lead to an increase in population density. This results in the overloading of public resources, which were originally allocated based on zoning. A prominent phenomenon is the over-crowded public schools.

Brooklyn 10th District Director Josephine Beckman: “A block that used to have, say, 40 to 50 children living in a block. In some part of the district, that number has even doubled or tripled. The result has been, our schools are even more overcrowded than ever.”


According to statistics, in the 20th district, which include Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge, the number of students in 2013-2014 academic year exceeded 7,764. The education department’s plan is to accommodate at most 4541 students by 2024, which cannot meet the growth rate of students.


Reporter: Illegal converted housing has caused serious consequences to the local community.  Local residents have reported this phenomenon to the Housing Department. Can you take a guess, how long it would take for the law enforcement officers to come to check on the housing once they receive reports from local residents? Please watch our next report.

新唐人記者 安心 紐約報導

NTD, SalinaWang, New York


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