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Make breakfast fun again with these quick & tasty baked eggs & ham cups—it’s perfect for the morning





●Mozzarella cheese







●Sundries tomato


1. spray pan with oil

2. put ham in muffin tin (slightly fold at straight edge)

1. put mozzarella in

2. some diced tomato

3. a pinch of basil

4. egg in

5. salt

6. half a tomato in

7. some basil


1. cheddar in

2. place a few broken up broccoli pieces in

3. egg in

4. salt

5. place a few pieces of broccoli on side

6. a few shreds of cheddar


1. mozz in

2. diced sundried tomato in

3. basil in

4. black pepper in

5. egg in

6. salt

7. few pieces of chorizo on the side

8. sundried tomato on side

9. broken spinach on side


1.  cheddar in

2. a few pieces of bacon in

3. egg in

4. salt

5. bacon pieces on top

6. a few shreds of cheddar

7. sliced avo after bake

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