Adorable toddler has an argument with her daddy!

When it comes to arguments, few people would describe one as “cute”. But when the disagreeing parties are an adorable little girl that can hardly speak and her daddy, the outcome is probably the cutest argument

No wonder the video of the argument of a stubborn 15 month old toddler, Lola and her daddy, Gareth Roe, has more than 41 million views on YouTube!

We all know it is already a hard task to tell a toddler what to do, but when it comes to little Lola, it may take a little more than giving instructions. Most probably the baby girl, despite her lack of speech, would
answer back and you’d be left rolling your eyes, trying to imagine what she will put her parents through as a teenager.

In the video, Gareth Roe, the father of the stubborn little girl, asks his daughter to step off the tv table, only to receive a massive indistinct muddling as a reaction! As the video begins we can see Gareth telling his daughter: ‘get your foot down off that table!’

Sassy Lola obviously has a strong opinion against that, and talks back at her father, shouting at him, shaking her head and waving her hands. Lola’s effort to stand up to her father is hilarious as the little girl can not speak yet, so all is heard in an indistinct mumbling, but what makes her convincing, is the tone of the “speech” and definitely her defiant attitude!

Her father then attempts to put some logic in the conversation and argues that he is in charge until Lola comes of age. We can hear him saying firmly: ‘You can’t tell me what to do, I’m your boss until you’re 18, now get down!’

The mouthy cutie stares right into her father’s eyes and still refuses to climb down off the table, while at the same time, she continues to talk back at him, defying her father’s authority. She keeps waving her hands in anger and shouts!

Gareth now decides to actually make a conversation with his revolution spirited daughter. He leans towards his daughter and pokes her gently on the chest. He asks her: ‘What did you call me?’

Now we can hear Lola’s mommy, Aimée Rondthaler, who holds the camera, giggling as Lola insists on disagreeing with her daddy, and refuses to change her attitude.

Gareth asks his daughter again to ‘Get down this second’. Defiant Lola just turns away and ignores him, making a move to lean on the laundry, that is on the table.

It is about time that Gareth takes the situation in his hands! As the video ends, he picks his beloved daughter up, and gives her a big reconciliation hug!

The thing that remains unclear, is how little Lola got on that table in the first place, thought it is not hard to imagine her climb her way up!

The triumphant video :

Thirty eight seconds of pure cuteness and laugh, the video of little Lola and her father was seen by more than 41 million people all over the world and was shared thousands of times on the social media platforms, especially Facebook and twitter.

The hilarious scene takes place in the family’s home in Dublin, Ireland and was shot and shared in 2015, making the sassy cutie well known all over the world and having people wanting to see more of her and her daddy, as well as how she grows up. Two years later, the video is being seen over and over again as it keeps making people smile.

Unexpected success

After the unexpected success, the Roe family created a Youtube Channel, named LOLAntics. LOLAntics describe
themselves as a happy Irish family with an odd little daughter. The family’s little daughter is described as a tornado, and, well, we can assume so, seeing the hilarious photos on their Instagram account! In one of them we can see
little Lola such in her little kitchen and her mom quoting: ‘After pulling her out of her kitchen 6 times that day, she deserved to have her photo taken!’

The family posted a few more videos of their lovely daughter, spending time with her family. Thousands of people kept watching the little girl’s videos, that have over 40 thousand views each. In the videos little Lola can be seen watching her success video and talking to the tablet, and it looks like she is talking back to herself! In another one,
the cute girl is thanking her viewers with a huge smile, while in a video we can see her making the “blue steel” look, after the Zoolander movie.

LOLAntics is followed by 14 thousand people.

The Roe’s have posted on their YouTube Channel only a few videos. In them, we can see Lola and her daddy opening up the LOLAntics, their YouTube Channel. Gareth asks viewers to be kind, as he is just learning how to edit. A few more videos followed, with cute instants of the family life and Lola in the centre of attention.

The family has been sharing moments of their lives also on twitter, with pictures of little Lola preparing guacamole,
exploring nature, having some playground fun, having her food prepared and her mommy putting on beauty masks. On twitter we can also see Lola’s pictures as a baby, and growing up, refusing to sleep, showing that hew temper was not a one video thing, but it is part her personality!

Going on with their lives

Two years later, one can easily spot the family in Dublin, going on with their lives, and surrounding little Lola, who
is over three years old now, with love and tenderness. Gareth’s Facebook profile is filled with picture of him and his little daughter, and of Lola’s mother, Aimée. The beautiful family of three, have been travelling, having fun and spending time with each other.

Lola is definitely an adorable, healthy, happy child, growing up in a loving and happy family. The famous little girl
from Ireland captured peoples hearts with her stubbornness and her sassy attitude and some people, many years later, will definitely seek to find out about the blonde cutie, that was so defiant towards her daddy. Well done, Lola!


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