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Life is full of surprises: Cuttlefish with Pork Ribs, but watch how the chef makes the cuts

Cuttlefish pieces in this dish are so clear. They look like coral and jade.

Knife skill, Knife skill!! Why we call some Chinese dish “Kong Fu Dish”? Because a skilled chef is like a culinary Kong Fu master.


1. Slide cuttlefish into thin strips without cutting through, put it in boiling water, the take out,let it cool and dry.

2. Deep fry pork rib until it’s well done.

3. In a wok, stir fry ginger, green onion until fragrant, add water, salt, Chinese five spice powder, soy sauce, BBQ sauce and honey.

4. Add pork rib, and cuttlefish

5. Braise for 45 minutes, uncover and thickening, remove from heat.

6. Be patient, cut cross braised cuttlefish into about a inch wide strips. The cuttlefish strips look like pieces of coral. Or they look like beautiful Indian headpiece.

Time to serve, the amber colored cuttlefish on top of BBQ colored pork rib. So delicious. Presentation is very important part of Chinese dish. That is why we call “Culinary Art”.

Of cause, taste is equally as good.