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Flying Hoverboards Are Here, and They’re Just as Awesome as We Had Hoped

Flying hoverboards have hit the market, and they look amazing.

The Flyboard Air boards were developed by French entrepreneur Franky Zapata.

His company, Zapata Racing, previously developed the water-powered hoverboards, which became a popular trend several years ago.

Zapata told The Verge that there’s three parts to the hoverboards, the board, a fuel tank, and a remote. There are four engines, with a total of about 1,000 horsepower, that power the boards.

The boards look extremely fun but Zapata warned they’re “impossible to ride before you have a minimum of 50 or 100 hours in the original Flyboard with water.”

“It was crazy hard because we wanted to make something extremely small, something that looks like a skateboard and not like a helicopter,” he said.

“It would be easy to build something that was like 2 meters and able to fly, it would be easy to do that. But our goal was to make something so small that people would believe it’s a fake, or it’s just an animation. And so when people said that, honestly, we are happy about that. We achieved our goal. Because when people see it in person, they will go crazy. That’s cool.”

The main downside to the boards? They cost almost $300,000 each.