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Surveillance Camera Captured Armed Break-In While Family Were Still Inside Home

A surveillance camera has captured the moment when three armed men entered a home in Wisconsin on March 10—even though there were clear signs people were inside the home.

Thevy Keungsavath-Pena from Milwaukee shared the footage of the armed break-in that she said took place at around 10:20 p.m. while she, her son, and her dog were all still inside the building.

In the CCTV footage, a teen can be seen running through the house to avoid the three men after they kicked down a door and made their way in.

“We had only been there for an hour after they broke in and may have been waiting for our neighbors in the alley to go back in their homes. All of our lights were on and there were clearly people inside but these men did not hesitate to still come in,” Keungsavath-Pena wrote on her Facebook post on March 12.

She warned other residents in the area to take precautions.

Police are now investigating the incident, reported TMJ4.

Credit: Thevy Keungsavath-Pena via Storyful