15 adorable photos of dogs who are quite convinced that they are HUMANS!

Is it that doggies these days sometimes tend to “act” as humans do. Dogs spend all their days living with humans at home. Everyday, they see, smell, touch, and taste humans. It’s a wonder they haven’t started to talk!

Here we present you with 15 photos of pooches who are certain they are actually humans.

1. Doggies can do desk work too.

2. Corgis can drive cars.

Credits: reddit/stengebt

 3. Labs know how to make you relax.

Credits: Imgur

4. Pooches love Pay Per View too!

Credits: Imgur/BambisRevenge

5. Dog deal canine cards.

Credits: instagram/Nikitagram

6. This retriever is just rockin’ up a storm!

Credits: animalsthatdopeoplethings.tumblr.com

7. This poodle likes to just lay back on its master’s lap.

Credits: reddit/WhackAttack

8. Lawn-mowing labs are becoming more common.

Credits: Hollywood Animals

9. Blue likes to make faces too!

Credits: reddit/Bbecky520

10. Blackie likes to lay back and relax.

Credits: reddit

11. These new frames help Fido to focus.

Credits: pbs.twimg.com

12. Some canines are kids.

Credits: bootsyholler.com

 13. Some pooches are also passengers.

Credits: reddit

14. And some are imposters.

Credits: Imgur

15. Dogs believe it’s their home!