Super adorable ‘then & now’ photos showcasing friendships between animals growing up together!

It’s amazing to see how some animals change through the years and yet their friendship stays strong. In these “now and then” animal photos, one observes a variety of animals, some with unusual tastes in friends. No doubt they seem to add an exception to the rule of “birds of a feather flock together”.

Here we bring to you some incredibly great pictures of friendships to stay inspired. Well, as a friendly advice, remember to consult a professional in animal behavior, if you are “too inspired” to get your pet an unusual friend after viewing this super adorable list! Enjoy!

1. Juniper, the fox and Moose are best friends from the day they met.

Juniper The Fox And Moose Are Best Friends From The Day They Met Till Now
Credits: Instagram/juniperfoxx

3. Then and now… always together!

Then And Now
Credits: [email protected]

4. Two Ginger brothers found in garden are inseparable from day one

Two Ginger Brothers Found In Garden Are Inseparable From Day 1
Credits: Instagram/anyagrapes

5. The most beautiful twin cats…

The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up
Credits: Instagram/sis.twins

6. Pups then and now! It’s so adorable to see how their heights changed over the years: the shortie is now tall!

Pups Then And Now. I Forgot To Water The Other One
Credits: reddit/Moockychew

7. Two ducklings and their best friends

Two Ducklings And Two Of Their Best Friends
Credits: Instagram/lifeofpikelet

8. Those were the days..

Remember When...
Credits: reddit/tMoneyMoney

9. Only three months later…

Then And Three Months Later
Credits: imgur/ateart


10. Inseparable Lily and Renly  still sleep together even after outgrowing their bed

Inseparable Cats Lili And Renley Insist On Sleeping Together Even After Outgrowing Their Bed
Credits: Instagram/renley_lili