Bees swarm calm street vendor in China

Typically when one sees a bee it is only natural for one to run the other way, all while brushing the bee away, flailing their arms and screaming. Now imagine a difference scenario in which you cannot run away from a whole swarm of bees.
Well, that is one man’s reality, as he prepares food none-the-less! This guy has mastered the definition of calm, cool and collected.

Watch as this street vendor prepares a batch of Mochi cakes despite the presence of thousands of deadly bees swarming the area as the rolling pin plots its course through the soft cake.

A knife makes short work of the scraps and a layer of sugar and black sesame is wrapped tightly in the blanket of gooey ricey goodness.

Many claim that this small stand at the base of Phoenix Mountain, Dandong, sells the best mashu in all of Dongbei, China!