With only months left to live a little girl celebrates her birthday with a party fit for a princess

The chances of Lila May Schow living much past her fifth birthday were very slim. When Lila May was two years old she was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. Weeks before her fifth birthday her parents received the devastating news that there was little left that the doctors could do. It was highly unlikely Lila May would live to see another birthday.

Destroyed by the news, the little girl’s parents decided to throw her a birthday party fit for a princess.

Lila May’s parents shared the idea for the birthday ball on Facebook and when the day came they were shocked at how many people showed up to help celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

This celebration not only served as a fifth birthday party for Lila May, but it also served as prom and a wedding, events that the little girl and her parents would never get to experience together.

Lila May rode up to the party in a horse drawn carriage.

Many Disney princesses attended.

The birthday girl shared an emotional dance with her father.

Her step-father even proposed to her.

Unfortunately Lila May’s condition deteriorated a few months after her birthday bash and she passed away with her family and friends close by her side.