Unique bell-shaped stalactites discovered in limestone sinkhole in Mexico

When divers first descended into a sinkhole near Puerto Morelos on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, they discovered some strange stalactites.

While most stalactites typically they have a pointed tip, these have a bell-shaped form. Hence, they have earned names like “elephant feet”, “shower heads” or “trumpets”. Some people even call them “hell’s bells”, which might be considered quite a suitable name.

The phenomenon creating these strange forms is still not fully understood, nor do scientists know why the Cenote Zapote is the only place where this form has been discovered.

Changing water conditions may have formed these incredible stalactites after the last ice age out of folia. But the mechanism of folia formation also remains unclear.

Diving in this location is only for experienced divers. You need excellent buoyancy control to avoid sudden descents or ascents. On top of this, the bells sit in dome shaped cave with only a narrow skylight, at a depth of 30 m (100 ft) below the surface.

The size of the bells vary from tiny to as large as a human. When ever divers visit this place they leave with some impressive photos and memories.