Two International Film Festivals in Kolkata presented this 3D movie with the ‘Best Animation’ award!

Heavenkid, a 3D animated TV series produced by NTD TV Taiwan, recently won the ‘Best Animation’ award at the AAB International Film Festival and the NEZ NIFF International Film Festival in Kolkata. The series consists of 26 episodes adapted from “Di Zi Gui,” a well-known secular Chinese Classics based on the ancient teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius. It took six years to complete the production and was premiered in in July 2015 by New Tang Dynasty TV Asia Pacific.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot

It has won 51 awards worldwide and has been an official selection in film festivals in 39 countries, including the Gold Remi Award in the TV & Cable Production – Children’s Audience Category of the 47th Worldfest-Houston.

Heavenkid was produced with the theatrical 3D approach, thus replacing dogmatic preaching methods. This 3D animation with lively entertainment serves as a great tool for moral education in a subtle manner.

Image Credits:  Suren Rao

At the film festival, one of the jury members said that they found the moral values depicted in Heavenkid very touching and would recommend it to all junior school teachers. It promotes simple yet important core values such as sharing food and other privileges with younger siblings, obeying your parents, being honest, etc. Heavenkid has proven to be an effective education tool that can instil good moral values in children which in turn guarantees better citizens in the future.

Image Credits: Suren Rao
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