Barber from Varanasi cuts hair by holding scissors in his mouth & gives a perfect haircut

Some things in life are hard to believe, until and unless you see it with your own eyes. Such is the case with this unusual barber from Varanasi, who holds the scissors in his mouth and gives his customers a stylish hair cut. 

Credit: DNA

Ansar Ahmad is a barber from Jagatganj in Varanasi, who wouldn’t use his hands to cut your hair. His unique talent is to hold the scissors in his mouth and give a hair cut. Ansar does it so effortlessly and perfectly that customers line up in his salon to get a hair cut from him.

Credit: The Quint

Ansar’s one hand got injured when he met with an accident in 2001. “As I couldn’t work with one hand, I used to face a lot of problems that time. It took me three years to learn the art. Now, I can easily cut hair holding the scissors in my mouth” he said. Ansar has been in this profession since childhood and now with his new technique, it takes him 25-30 mins to cut a person’s hair by holding scissor in his mouth.

Credit: DNA India

Sonu, one of his customers is all praise for this unique talent and said: “Whether he uses his hands or mouth, he will always give you the perfect hair cut.” Ansar has also presented his claim to the Guinness Book of World Records of cutting the hair of 118 people in 24 hours. This unique talent has given Ansar the much-needed recognition which he did not get when he used to cut hair using his hands.

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