Eminem’s daughter is not daddy’s little girl anymore, but now a gorgeous 21-year-old lady

The 21-year-old Hailie Scott is no more daddy’s little girl, but a stunning bella!

Hailie Scott is the beloved daughter of controversial American rapper Eminem. She was mentioned in his track “Hailie’s song” and 2004 hit “Mockingbird.” The Grammy Awards winner once said in 2005, “I’m in love with that girl, man. She’s so sweet and funny.”

©Facebook | Hailie Jade Mathers

More than a decade has gone by, and today, Hailie is no longer the little girl she once was, but a charismatic young lady!

She is pretty, and moreover, she has both beauty and brains. Hailie, crowned as homecoming queen during her high school in Clinton Township, Michigan, graduated with the prestigious Summa Cum Laude status.

The smart young woman is currently a student at Michigan State University.

Her stunning photos on Instagram have taken netizens by storm, garnering more than 612,000 followers.

Her good looks resemble that of her mother, Kimberly Anne Scott.

Hailie isn’t following her father’s footsteps to pursue the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry. Instead, she remains out of the public eye, living a normal life as a typical college student.

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