Doctor says 92-year-old has weeks to live—but when newborn arrives, she ‘completely flipped’

Like most grandparents, one elderly woman couldn’t wait to meet the newest member of her family. The only concern was that she might not make it. Things took an unexpected turn, however, when the newest member arrived.

When Kayla Tracy and her family were told that her 92-year-old great-grandmother, Jean Roper, had only three weeks to live, they “prayed harder than we ever have before,” she wrote to Love What Matters.

Tracy’s sister, who was pregnant at that time, decided to quit her job to care for their great-grandmother, and the latter told her of her wish: “I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.”

Roper was extremely excited when Tracy’s sister went into labor at 36 weeks and gave birth to baby Magnolia Jean, named after her great-grandmother.

After the birth of Magnolia Jean, Tracy and her family noticed something different about Roper.

“From that day on, my great-grandmother completely flipped,” Tracy wrote. “She was getting up on her own, fixing her and my great-grandfather breakfast, even doing chores around the house.”

Tracy, who’s a photographer, went to capture the precious moment of Roper cradling her 11th great-great grandchild.

“Since then, my great-grandmother has been doing very well! It’s been nine weeks passed the date she was given!” she added.

Next up after the baby’s birth was Tracy’s great-grandparents’ 75th wedding anniversary.

Tracy met up with them at their 85 acres of land after lunch.

“After being on bed rest from her diagnosis, great-grandmother didn’t feel beautiful any longer, even though we all told her how beautiful she still looked,” she recalled.

“The day I took these anniversary photos of them, I told her I was going to meet them at their home after they ate lunch so they were still dressed to the nines and she couldn’t say no!”

When Tracy saw them getting out of the car, she told Roper that she looked beautiful and was “beaming with love.”

“That’s good, I’m glad I’m still beaming with love after 75 years,” was the reply.

Seeing her great-grandparents still very much in love after being together for 75 years, Tracy felt blessed to witness their true love.

“Taking these photos is one of the many reasons I became a photographer,” she wrote. “To be able to pause these moments for my family and for them, means everything to me. I enjoy photographing them every second I get. I am so blessed to have been able to capture such true love. Such a love I can only hope for with my husband. I want everyone to see these photos and know, true love is real.”

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