Dog goes near fence & starts whimpering—when owner takes a look, he’s shocked to hear a voice

A dog owner didn’t give much thought when he noticed his dog somehow fascinated with the fence in his backyard. The only thing was, the dog wasn’t budging, so the owner decided to investigate. When he approached, he started hearing somebody calling out to him.

In January 2017, Mick Condo, of Rockingham, Western Australia, saw his 3-year-old dog, Zeus, near the fence in the backyard of his home. Condo initially didn’t think much about this until the English Staffordshire bull terrier started “whimpering.”

©Facebook | Mick Condo

“I was out gardening, and Zeus went over near the fence and started whimpering,” Condo told MailOnline. “He wouldn’t come away. It’s very different from him, he’s a good dog. So I went over there to see what’s going on.”

When Condo went over to take a look, he was shocked to hear a voice calling out to him.

“Then I could hear a faint voice saying ‘help me, I’ve broken my hip … help me I’ve broken my leg…” Condo recalled to Perth Now.

©Facebook | Mick Condo

The voice was coming from his neighbor who told Condo that he had been “lying here for two days.”

“I ran out the front and got a couple of young fellas to help and then we went and bashed in the gate so we could get in,” Condo said.

After Condo and a few people managed to enter the gate, they were met with an angry dog. However, they soon realized that the dog was actually anxious about his owner.

“He wasn’t in a good way,” Condo said. He saw that his elderly neighbor was dehydrated.

“His lips were severely cracked and he had a lot of blood marks on his arm,” he said. “He was really only wearing shorts and it was freezing on Wednesday and Thursday nights when he was out there … all he had was a dog blanket that he had pulled over him.”

Condo and two other neighbors called for the paramedics and had Condo’s neighbor transported to Fiona Stanley Hospital, where the man was to recover from surgery.

Condo believed that his dog had heard his neighbor’s cries for help and also sensed the distress from his neighbor’s dog.

Condo said that they managed to find the elderly man just in time. “He kept saying that he couldn’t have made it through another night,” Condo said.

As for Zeus, he was hailed a hero and rewarded with a steak.

“He is a class dog, just incredible, such a lovable dog,” Condo said.

Illustration – Getty Images | LisaInGlasses

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