Experts dug 4,800-year-old fossil of young lady—but seeing what’s in her hands, they’re shocked

Archaeologists in central Taiwan uncovered the incredible remains of a 4,800-year-old fossil of a human mother, gazing lovingly at the infant child cradled in her arms. This extraordinary discovery of “Taichung City’s earliest mother” proves that a mother’s love transcends time!

Forty-eight sets of skeletons were unearthed from the graves at the Ann He Road Ruin in Taichung city, officials at Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science announced.

Out of the 48 remains, the most prominent and heartbreaking find was a 4,800-year-old human fossil of a young mother, locked in embrace with a baby. Dubbed “Taichung City’s earliest mother,” she was cradling and looking down at a baby in her arms.

The archaeologists were astonished when they discovered the mother and the baby in an affectionate moment.

“When it was unearthed, all of the archaeologists and staff members were shocked. Why? Because the mother was looking down at the baby in her hands,” said Chu Whei-lee, a curator in the anthropology department at Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science.

According to, researchers confirmed, using carbon-dating technology, that the mother would have stood 160 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 2 inches, when she was alive, and would have been around 20 to 25 years old when she passed away.

Whereas the infant in her arms would have been 50 centimeters tall, or over a foot and a half, and aged 6 months old at the time the baby had died. However, researchers couldn’t determine the baby’s gender.

The excavation of the site started in May 2014 and finished in a year’s time.

The 48 sets of remains that were dug out, including five children, are central Taiwan’s earliest trace of human activity.

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Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | Daily Mail.

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