Man brings wife to park on 30th wedding anniversary—what’s on the bench makes her cry

For some couples, wedding anniversaries are important dates to remember. Hence, to commemorate this special date, one thoughtful husband from Ohio purchased a gift for his wife that will last a lifetime!

Jeff and Pam Wiese, of Medina County, Ohio, love going on walks together in the park.

Illustration – Wikimedia | KLOTZ

And on their 30th wedding anniversary, they were doing the same—walking in their favorite park.

Other than enjoying a stroll together on this special day, the thoughtful husband, Jeff, also presented Pam a gift, which she will remember forever.

Illustration – Wikimedia Commons | Billy Hathorn

The 30th wedding anniversary gift happened to be a wooden bench with an engraved plaque on it.

The plaque, dedicated to their love, reads: “Celebrating 30 years of walking with my love, and the joy of all of you walking with yours. Happy anniversary Pam, love Jeff. Pam and Jeff Wiese. 1987–2017.”

Upon seeing the bench and reading the stirring words inscribed on the plaque, Pam broke down in tears. Then, when everything sank in, she sat on the bench happily to pose for a picture.

Jeff and Pam’s daughter, Anna Wiese, took to Twitter on July 1, 2017, to share these sweet photos, which captured her parents’ undying love.

“My dad surprised my mom for their 30th anniversary and had a bench dedicated to her at the park where they always walk together,” Anna wrote.

Many Twitter users were moved by the affectionate husband’s gift to his wife, and considered it such a sweet gift.

“Crying right now! Whenever I go to parks and see those dedicated benches I think it’s like the most romantic thing ever, but they are usually ‘in memoriam.’ So nice that she gets to enjoy it for many years. All the best to your family!” user María Eugenia Viera‏ wrote.

Prinsben Henshaw‏ added, “So much in love.. I respect their love.. I long to have such experiences too with my wife.. Congratulations!”

“What a gem your Dad is!” Paula McHugh Grudic‏ commented.

Roseann LoSchiavo‏ concurred, “Your dad is inspiring, I wish more men were like him!”


It’s heartwarming to learn of Jeff and Pam’s love, which has kept strong for 30 years. The wooden bench and plaque is a lovely gift to commemorate their love.

Well, all gentlemen out there, although you don’t need to get your significant other a bench, perhaps a special, personalized gift that will make her feel truly loved would go down very well.

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