Waiter frustrated to get $3.28 tip from 4 customers. Days later, they return—but not to eat

When servers provide great service to customers, they most likely hope their efforts will be appreciated, and that they’d receive a tip. Thus, it is understandable when one waiter felt upset after he provided great service to four boys, but only got a measly $3.28 tip.

Recently, Seminole took to social media site Imgur to describe how he, as a waiter, felt after he received a $3.28 tip from four 13-year-old teenagers.

“Nothing more frustrating than when I get little to nothing for a tip and the customer is smiling and thanking me profusely as they exit,” he wrote.

©Flickr | Giorgio Montersino

About one week later, the four boys returned.

They came back not to eat, but to pass Seminole a letter, and $18.

He was surprised by their gesture.

“I’ve been serving a long time, and nothing like this has ever happened to me, or anyone,” he wrote.

What exactly was written in the letter?

(Illustration – Public Domain Pictures | Circe Denyer)

The letter reads: “About a week and a half ago, on October 7, my friends and I came to eat at this restaurant as our own homecoming celebration. It was an exciting experience for us to be here alone, and it was all new to us, and you were the best waiter we could ask for.

“You were kind, helpful, accommodating, didn’t treat us like babies, and were even able to fit the food to all my allergies! So I wanted to say thank you for making our ‘grown up’ experience so amazing and fun.”


The writer of the letter went on to apologize to the waiter for the measly tip.

“I would also like to say sorry on behalf of my group,” the letter read. “Since we were new to all this, our 13 year old minds didn’t exactly know how to deal with the bill. You were super helpful in dividing the check up and taking our not-so-preferable cash.

“The bill was reasonable, but we had completely forgotten (and frankly didn’t know) what a tip even was, let alone how much to give. So we emptied our pockets and all our money added up to $3.28. Not aware of how small this really was, we left, clueless, of what we had left you for all your hard work.”


The teenagers felt horrible after realizing their mistake and wanted to set things right, which is why they went back to the restaurant to give a better tip, in addition to the letter.

Needless to say, Seminole appreciated their efforts, though he had no idea how the teenagers suddenly came to realize how to correctly tip.

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