U.S. father offers 11-month-old Charlie Gard hope—refused by Theresa May and London Hospital

The terminally ill 11-month-old, Charlie Gard, now condemned to death in a London hospital, has been barred from traveling to the U.S. or Rome, where hospitals in both countries have offered hope for treatment. The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London is determined that the boy be taken off life support to die while in their care …

Recently, both Theresa May and Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, refused to intervene in the decision on “moral” grounds, to give the boy a shot at life.

After Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates lost a court battle with the European Court of Human Rights last week, their child was condemned to be taken off life support. Meanwhile, he has been banned from traveling to the U.S., where an experimental treatment may offer hope, if not a cure. One hospital has already offered to treat the child free of charge.

Credit: Facebook | Charlie’s Army

Both the Ormond Street Hospital and Theresa May are now facing increasing pressure to allow the family to seek treatment elsewhere. The London hospital has refused however, saying their “hands are tied” legally.

Credit: Facebook | Charlie’s Army

Now, both Theresa May and British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, have also refused to step in. The Prime Minister said the London Hospital would make the “best decisions” as far as the baby is concerned, while Johnson said that the doctors were correct, and are backed by the court’s decision.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May (right), and Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson (left)

Credit: Wikimedia.org

May added, that she was confident “that Great Ormond Street Hospital have and always will consider any offers or new information that has come forward with consideration of the wellbeing of a desperately ill child.”

The Great Ormond Street Hospital in London

Credit: Wikimedia.org

Recently, an American family with a child who suffers from the same disease as Charlie, contacted Charlie’s parents to offer hope after sharing their own son’s story.

6-year-old Arturito Estopinan, and his father, Art Snr. from Baltimore

Youtube Screenshot | IleanaRosLehtinen

Their son, 6-year-old Arturito Estopinan from Baltimore, is currently undergoing the same experimental treatment that Charlie has been denied.

“We feel very fortunate to be American and not British – because if we lived in the UK, Arturito would surely be dead by now,” Arturito’s father, Art Estopinan Snr. shared.

“We are beyond shocked that doctors in the UK are saying Charlie should ‘die with dignity.’ How insensitive, when there is a treatment which could save Charlie’s life and eminent doctors in the US who are willing to help him.”

Youtube Screenshot | Art in Miami Tomorrow

Arturito now has movement in his 4 limbs, fingers and toes, and according to his dad, he is a “strong and happy boy.” He still relies on a ventilator however.

The family owes their thanks to the doctors at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, that Arturito Jr. is still alive.

Meanwhile, support has poured in from high and low in support of allowing little Charlie Gard to travel and seek treatment. Both President Trump and the Pope recently offered to help treat Charlie, and bring the boy to hospitals in their respective countries.

Though critics have accused the President of offering the family “false hope,” calling the offer a “political decision.”

The recent Pontifex Tweet in support of helping Charlie

Trump echoed the Pope’s offer to help the boy find treatment

Support has also flooded in from the public around the world through social media, with “Charlies Army” Facebook and Twitter pages garnering tens of thousands of members.

Members of “Charlie’s Army” show support for the family to find treatment elsewhere

Credit: Facebook | Charlie’s Army

Both Charlie’s mother and father remain defiant against the London hospital’s decision

Credit: Facebook | Charlie’s Army
Credit: Facebook | Debbie McMillan


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