Mourner at Bradley Lowery’s funeral snaps surreal photo of LITTLE BOY’S FACE in clouds

When thousands of mourners turned up for Bradley Lowery’s funeral, one of them took a picture of a blue heart that formed in the sky, but upon closer inspection, the picture revealed something else.

Over 3,000 people, including famous footballers such as Jermain Defoe, attended the funeral of Bradley Lowery last week, after he lost the battle to a childhood cancer. Lowery was previously the Sunderland AFC team’s mascot.

Credit: Getty Images | Jeff J Mitchell
Credit: Getty Images | Ian Horrocks

During the funeral, one mourner looked up at the sky and saw something unusual.

Credit: Facebook | The Football BIBLE.

Mark Shield saw a blue heart forming in the sky and decided to take a photo. However, he noticed something else, and posted it on Facebook.

“I took this picture at Bradley’s funeral today, just a bit surreal that I looked up for a second and a blue heart formed over the church however the picture has revealed something else,” he wrote.

He continued, “Look in the top right corner at the little boys face. This is unbelievable.”

Credit: Getty Images | Jeff J Mitchell

Watch the funeral in the video below:

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