When cop mom saw SAD little boy lying on the ground, she knew just what to do to make him smile!

Through this policewoman’s down-to-earth warmth and understanding, a little something shone through from beyond the humdrum troubles of everyday life for one little boy she came across. A touching photo of her quite literally getting down to his level for a touching heart-to-heart betrays her own motherly instincts on the job. 

Officer Precious Cornner-Jones is a 40-year-old mother-of-three and a member of the Indiana State Police. While attending a “high-five” rally at Indianapolis Public School 88, she noticed a young boy with a terribly upset look on his face. As if in utter defeat, the kid just crumbled to the ground, lying down on his tummy, head resting on his arms.

Her motherly instincts took over, and she knew just the right thing to do. As she walked over to where the boy lay, his mother told the officer that her son had been “expressing himself that way lately”.

©Facebook | Precious Cornner-Jones

“I decided to get on his level and talk to him. He started to cry so I wiped his tears and told him it will be OK,” Cornner-Jones wrote on Facebook.

She told ABC News that the youngster felt much better after a few minutes of heart-to-heart chatting, and then he stood up smiling.

“It wasn’t a cop moment, it was a mother moment,” she said.

The officer’s Facebook post has been viewed and shared hundreds of times since she posted it.

©Fox 59 Video Screenshot

“I LOVE this … And how I thought about it several times today. This is very beautiful,” Facebook user Rachel Strange wrote.

“U R [sic] AWESOME! Thank GOD for your insight and bravery,” wrote Dianna Ray.

“Precious you are amazing. Who knows what this little fella has going on. If more ppl [sic] would think to do something like this instead of judging, turning their heads to ignore, or admonishing a child for being overwhelmed our world would be a better place,” Renee Smith added.

Watch Officer Cornner-Jones deliver a lovely message of hope and encouragement for our children:

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