[VIDEO] Visually impaired BABY boy sees his father’s face with new glasses in an ADORABLE reunion

This sweet baby who adores his daddy wasn’t able to see clearly.Thankfully, his vision was restored with the help of eyeglasses and he was able to see his father’s face for the very first time—a moment captured on video.

Reagan Caldwell contracted a Group B Strep (GBS) infection shortly after birth. As a result, due to complications, including meningitis and sepsis, he was admitted to the ICU—he suffered from vision impairment.

When Reagan was 9 months old he acquired special glasses soon after his dad, Brandon was deployed to Antartica with the Air Force. After two months, Brandon returned home. Amanda Caldwell filmed and posted this heartwarming father-son reunion video on her Facebook page saying: “This was the first time he got to see his daddy through glasses after a two month deployment,” as reported by Dailymail.co.uk.

His daddy walked through the door of his upstate home in New York still dressed in uniform and, after greeting his wife, took his son in his arms. Reagan had his cute looking blue-rimmed glasses on and when he saw his beloved dad, his face lit up. Daddy sang “Pat-a-cake” to him and Reagan was thrilled to be able to see his daddy’s smile and look into his eyes.

Smiling from ear to ear, Reagan lay his sweet head upon his father’s broad chest, as if to say, “you are MY daddy.”

Baby Reagan Caldwell got to see his beloved daddy Brandon for the first time with his new glasses

“It’s obvious in this video he loves his daddy. I have watched this over and over again. My heart is literally melting,” added Amanda.

The little boy rested his head on his father’s chest

A tear-jerking moment!

Photo Credit: YouMaker Screenshot | Caters TV.

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