Couple celebrates their wedding anniversary by ADOPTING one dog every year, they’ve currently got 3

A couple in Texas has decided on a special way to celebrate their wedding anniversary each year—to adopt a dog, and now, they have three dogs!

In the past three years, Neydi and Carlos Romero have celebrated their wedding day by adopting a dog, according to a Twitter post posted by Neydi’s sister, Odalis, that reads: “My brother in law and sister get a dog every year for their wedding anniversary, they’re on their 3rd year.”

Odalis told The Dodo how the dogs brought changes to her family. “I was glad to know my sister wanted to shelter these dogs, and make them a part of her family.”

“I really do feel like having them has taught my brother-in-law and sister a lot more about patience and love. I hope others are inspired to adopt/foster a dog from a shelter or other ethical methods. There are countless dogs who are in need of a loving home,” she added.

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The adopting tradition started to fulfill Neydi’s childhood dream of owning a dog. “Carlos got our first dog, Captain, as a surprise for me. We had talked about getting a dog since we got married, so he got him for the first-year mark,” Neydi said.

“Captain is a sweet, smart and independent dog. He is the one that takes care of me when I am sad or sick. He loves to go to the park and get chased by his doggie friends. He is obsessed with balls and bones,” she added.

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In the second year, they adopted a lab and beagle mixed breed named Teddy. He was given away for free. “He was infected with tapeworms and severely underweight when we first got him,” she said.

A year after being cured, Teddy has become a very happy puppy. “Teddy is funny, super energetic and crazy. He loves to cuddle and give tons of kisses,” said Romero. “Ever since he was little we have taken him to the dog park and he is always the life of the party,” she added.

The newest addition to the family is Chewy, a German shepherd-husky mix breed. The couple adopted him from a friend who could no longer take care of him. “He is a super smart and funny boy. He is still a baby, and it’s too early to say what he will be like in the future, but I know he is a great dog,” she said.

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It can be a challenge to have three dogs in the house. “This is how the dynamics work in this household: Captain is always trying to stay out of trouble, Teddy is always starting the trouble, and Chewy likes to get involved. They all have such different personalities, but they get along regardless of their differences. At one point in the day they could be fighting, and the very same day I will find them napping altogether,” she said.

The couple also has a message to share. “A lot of people look at dogs like presents. Each dog I got, I knew the responsibilities I was getting into. All dogs have a capability of living a long life. I don’t think some people—at least some younger people—realize they’re living things,” said Neydi, as reported by BuzzFeed News.

Being such an understanding and loving couple, we hope their wonderful marriage is everlasting, and they are able to provide loving homes to lots and lots of needy dogs.

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