Make this smart puppy bottle feeder with used plastic bottles in 5 easy steps!

Plastic waste is one of the biggest pollution factors. Though the problem can be curbed by recycling, how many of us really do it? These use and throw bottles can be used for so many other things! The flexible yet sturdy material makes it perfect for some DIY. We have found the perfect way to stir up some fun with used plastic bottles that your pets will love! 

Note: Clean the bottles thoroughly as any residue might make your pet sick.

Take a clean plastic bottle

Credit: Pexels

Mark 4 circles, each one inch apart. You can adjust the number of circles according to the size of the bottle.

Credit: YouTube screenshot

Note: Measure the circles according to the nipples you will be using

Now cut out the circles along the markings you made

Credit: YouTube screenshot

Secure the nipples on the holes with hot glue preferably ( Hot glue will melt the plastic and give a better hold)

Credit: Pixabay

Let it dry completely and Voila! your bottle feeder is ready!

Credit: Mast photos
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