This rescued kitty born with just 2 legs amazes people with what he can do!

Before this kitty was adopted, no one would have ever thought that he’d survive. Now, he’s turning a year old and is still fully embracing life!

“He was born with two legs. The first day I saw him, he was probably a few weeks old and very shy,” Mareen explained in an interview with Love Meow.

Mareen, a cat lover from Germany, met Rocket when she was feeding some stray cats in an abandoned yard. A lot of cats tried to get her attention but a special kitty stood out among the rest for her. She noticed a kitty with no hind-legs, walking with only his two front legs. She tried to pet him, but he quickly ran away from her. She was so surprised at how quickly he’d adapted to his disability. He uses his front legs to walk and run, and his tail to maneuver.

Although he was a bit shy at first, Mareen instantly knew that they had a connection. So, she visited the yard a few times more to try to warm up to the kitty. She brought cat food every time she visited him. It was not long before he was starting to like her.

Soon enough, Mareen was able to take him to his new home. Although he was homesick for a few nights, his rescuer was determined to make him feel loved.

“He meowed all night long, but I kept him company and I talked to him,” she said.

After adjusting to his new environment, he was able to reciprocate his affection for his new owner. He even managed to make friends with his new brothers, Flint and Gurchken.

“He is a little fighter and cheeky to the other cats, but they come along very well,” said Mareen.

According to his new owner, the name Rocket suited him well because he was very playful and had a lot of energy.

“I even think he has more energy than the older ones. And he is perfectly capable of climbing, jumping, and running.”

Rocket plays around with his brothers all day long, and he barely gets tired!

Mareen also described how he absolutely loves receiving belly rubs. Isn’t that cute?

Now, Rocket’s all grown up as he celebrates his 1st birthday this 1st of May. Rocket is truly an amazing kitty that inspires us to keep persevering in spite of life’s challenges. We wish you a happy birthday, Rocket!

Images source: Instagram | Flint.guerkchen.rocket

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