Teen hears ‘crying’ from under the Christmas tree. Turns out her rescue cat prepared a few gifts

This teenager from Florida was shocked when she looked under her family’s Christmas tree. It turned out her rescued cat had a few little holiday surprises in store for her!

Florida teen Danielle Lopez and her family stumbled upon a skinny stray cat on the street in the fall of 2015.

The cat looked pitiable, and was merely skin and bones, so they decided to rescue her off the street.

“If we didn’t take her home, she would have died,” Lopez told BuzzFeed.

Lopez and her family named the cat Tink.

They nursed Tink back to health, and soon the cat settled into her new home.

As time went by, Lopez noticed something strange about Tink—she was gaining weight, a lot, and fast.

Illustration – Wikimedia Commons | DR04

Then one morning in 2016, Lopez heard a soft meow coming from underneath the family’s Christmas tree. At first, Lopez thought the sound came from Sagwa, the other cat in the house. But, she was wrong.

To her surprise, Lopez discovered Tink had given birth to a kitten under the tree.

“I was on the phone with my mom and heard crying and went to check who was crying and saw the firstborn out under the tree,” Lopez told InsideEdition.

“I was in shock,” Lopez said. “I started running around the house to lock up (Sagwa) and grab towels to help her.”

With Lopez’s help, Tink went on to deliver another four more kittens. Sadly, one of them was stillborn.

Lopez and her family couldn’t be happier with the “Christmas miracle!” To honor the holiday seasons and the place where they were born, the family named the little felines Joy, Faith, Noel, and Christmas.

Guess who’s their father—it’s none other than Sagwa! “We plan on keeping them,” said Lopez.

To share the joy, Lopez took to Twitter to post a picture of Tink and her kittens. “My cat just gave birth under our Christmas tree,” she wrote.

The post soon went viral, receiving more than 50,833 likes.

“You rescued a beautiful girl, and have a Christmas miracle because of it. Love the kitties,” wrote one user.

A year later in December 2017, one person asked Lopez on Twitter, “Do u still have the kittens?”

“Yes,” Lopez replied.

Later, she tweeted a photo of two of her male kittens.

Glad Joy, Faith, Noel, and Christmas are safe and sound with the Lopez family.

These adorable kittens are definitely wonderful Christmas gifts!

Source: BuzzFeed, InsideEdition.com.

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