7 reasons why you should love yourself more than your STILETTOS!

There are many reasons why women love wearing high heels: For one, it makes them look slender and smarter, and they feel taller, attractive and more powerful. The walk turns graceful and confident, so much so that women considered it a requirement to wear high heeled shoes at work.

But medically it has been proven that high heels do have some adverse effects on the body, and can cause pains in various parts of the body that bear the brunt of your fashionable choice. When Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and human movement specialist was consulted to give her expert opinion on the ideal heel sizes, she said that one “shouldn’t walk in heels higher than three inches.”

“Anything over the three-inch mark changes the biomechanics of how you walk—your strides are shortened, you can’t walk as fast, your body weight shifts to the ball of the foot, which throws off your center of gravity and stresses the knees and lower back.”

Splichal also cautions about going to the other extreme, she says a too-flat shoe is also harmful, especially if someone’s foot is naturally flat (little to no arch versus a high arch). So, a little heel, like a one-inch heel, puts the foot into a more stable position.

Pregnant women should certainly not try wearing high heeled shoes. Besides the effort it requires to balance the disproportionate weight of the body, it might probably cause you to tumble, which can be extremely dangerous for your unborn baby.

Here we put forth, both, the advantages and disadvantages of wearing high heels, so you be the judge!

1. Joints are stressed

The knee joint is one of the crucial points that bears the weight of the body. In a study by the Journal of Orthopedic Research, wearing shoes with a 3.75-inch heel can force the knee to bend in a manner that can cause about 90 percent more stress to the knee joint.

 2. Sprained Ankles

Flat shoes evenly distribute your body weight between the ball of your foot and the heel. But with high-heeled shoes, the load is forced upon the ankles. Ankles are not built to take on so much of load. It is practically impossible to balance your entire weight on the ankle and then we tend to fall ending up with twisted or sprained ankles.

3. Back pain

Balancing your entire body weight on small, restricted areas can put a lot of stress on your back, leading to backaches. With high heels, the entire weight of the body is taken by the balls of the feet, which affect the ligaments connected to the calf muscle and hamstrings, and this, in turn, affects the lower back and the pelvic muscles—all resulting in a painful back.

4. Achilles tendons get stretched

The tightening of the calf muscles, in turn, pulls and stretches the Achilles tendon. Really…do you still think it is worth?

5. Bunions

Bunions are considered to be genetic, but what with the additional pressure on the front portion of you feet—wearing heels a lot can lead to developing these painful and ugly bunions.

6. Muscles pull and hurt

All the stretching and straining of the muscles throughout your office hours will naturally affect them and cause them to ache.

 7. Ingrown toenails

The push of the entire weight towards your toes and the restriction of the front portion of the foot in the closed environment of the shoe can cause painful ingrown nails.

Well, it is not necessary to chuck out all the beautiful high heeled shoes in your possession. Rather, make sure you keep them aside for special occasions and spend as less time as possible wearing them.

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