Rescuers cut open tar drum after hearing panicked cries—what they found is utterly shocking

A stray dog from India was found in a drum full of tar. She may have been seeking shelter and made a mistake of jumping inside the drum not knowing what was in it. It could have been that as soon as she jumped in the drum, her body stuck to the sides of it.

Fortunately, someone saw the painful situation the stray dog was in and called “Animal Aid Unlimited India” for help. They were able to get to the stray dog on time as she was getting weaker and weaker.

Seeing that the stray dog’s fur was now badly bonded to the drum because of the tar, they had to cut the drum open, making sure not to hit the dog inside. Once a part of the drum was removed, they first gave her water to drink.

To remove her fur from the drum, they poured vegetable oil all over her body so they could gently peel her away from the tar.

Removing her fur from the tar was a very hard task because her skin had been badly burned from the tar and much of her hair had come off. They had to pour more vegetable oil to soften the part that had been covered much by the tar.

While the volunteers painstakingly removed the tar from her body, they gave her bowls and bowls of water as she was so thirsty and hungry after having been trapped in the drum of hot tar.

Finally, after several hours of patiently removing the tar from her body, she was freed. They named the stray dog Asha, which means hope.

Now, Asha is happily living under the care of the group, forever grateful for saving her!

Saving lives, whether a human’s or an animal’s, is one of the most fulfilling experiences that one can ever have. When one has done this amazing feat, just as the people featured in this video clip, it is always a great achievement and a victorious feather in one’s cap.

Video Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited.