Amid the busiest station in Mumbai, good hearted train driver halts to save life of a dog!

The local trains in Mumbai carry over 7.5million commuters on daily basis and they don’t wait for anyone, once they start, their track is set! However, on yet another busy day, this local motor driver knew what she saw ahead and stop instantly to save its life. Her deeds were appreciated by the local people.

A dog was seen on the tracks of Churchgate railways and didn’t move in spite of the approaching train. Seeing this, local motor driver R P Meena stopped the train.


The good-hearted motor driver brought the train to a halt and started blowing the horn but the dog didn’t move from the track. Seeing this commotion on the track, a locality who was waiting for his train picked the dog up and got him to safety.

Seeing this amazing gesture by the motor driver, the crowd praised and applauded the act of kindness.

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In a chaotic and a busy station as Mumbai, nobody stops at anything and to stop a train to save the life of a dog is the humanity we need to have for other’s lives. Hats off to such beautiful human beings out there!

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