This army wife’s sharing on life without her martyred husband will leave you in tears

When terror strikes a country, it is the army that is sworn to protect the populace. Soldiers willingly lay down their lives for their countrymen. However, the repercussions are always born by survivors of soldiers. This widow shares a moving message on how she tries to get on with her life without her recently deceased army husband.

On September 9, Facebook page BeingYou posted a story by Sangeeta Akshay Girish, the wife of martyred Major Akshay Girish Kumar. She narrated her story of a happy marriage and tragic loss of her husband to terrorists on Nov. 29, 2016, in Nagrota, a town in the Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Credit: Facebook | Beingyou17

Major Kumar proposed to Mrs. Kumar in 2009. In 2011, they tied the knot and she moved to Pune. Two years later, their daughter, Naina, was born and Mrs. Kumar chose to stay close to her husband.

The post wrote, “I loved the world we had created and didn’t want to leave it. Life was an adventure with him. From going to meet him at 14000 feet with Naina to sky diving as a family, we did it all.”

In 2016, her husband was posted to Nagrota and the family was temporarily living in the army mess. On the morning of November 29, they woke up to the sound of gunshots.

“A junior came in to tell him that militants had taken the artillery regiment as hostage and he’d have to change to combat clothing. The last thing he said to me was ‘you must write about this,’” she recalled.

A bad feeling soon came over her as the day went by. She was informed early that day that he was fighting terrorists, but that was it…

Later that night, her world came crumbling down.

She described her reaction: “My world collapsed. I was inconsolable. I wish I had texted him. I wish I had hugged him goodbye. I wish I had told him I loved him one last time. But we never expect things to go wrong. I sobbed like a baby, like my soul was being ripped apart.”

Credit: Facebook | Beingyou17

After her husband’s death, she started a new life with their daughter, but she still misses him terribly and found a way to comfort herself.

“I got his uniforms, clothes and all the stuff we collected over the years in a truck. I tried hard to fight back my tears. I haven’t washed his regimental jacket and when I miss him a lot, I wear it. It still smells of him,” she said.

“Today, I have set up my own place with the things we had collected. He is there alive and speaking to us through the pictures and the memories we created. We smile through our tears because we know that’s what he would have wanted us to do. Like they say, if you haven’t felt your soul being torn apart, you haven’t really loved with all you heart. Though it hurts, I will always love him,” she added.

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