Couple adopts 5 orphaned siblings—but then, the 2 oldest kids work to test their patience

It’s wonderful when loving parents decide to adopt a child and love him or her like one of their own, which is even more so for a Texas couple who adopted five siblings. They’ve shared about their challenging, yet highly rewarding story of becoming foster parents, and we bring it to you here.

Tyler Nichols, of Mansfield, Texas, knows how difficult it is to be separated from one’s siblings.

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Back in the 1920s, Tyler’s grandfather was torn apart from his five other siblings by the foster care system after being adopted by a different family.

Ever since, his grandfather was always sad.

“It’s always impacted him because he knew that out there somewhere, he had brothers and sisters,” said Tyler’s grandmother, Martha Nichols, in “From 5 to 1 Family”—a film by Daniel Kelly.

Thankfully, Tyler’s grandfather was reunited with his siblings decades later. However, they had missed out on growing up together.

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Hearing his grandfather’s sad story, Tyler couldn’t bear to take any children he fosters from their siblings.

“If we could keep a family together, that’s what we would really like to do,” Tyler said.

So, when the adoption agency informed Tyler and his wife, Beth Nichols, that they had a choice to adopt a sibling group of five—including a baby sister—they accepted the offer.

Initially, the Nichols couple only wanted four kids; hence, adopting five children at once was a challenging journey they’d never imagined.

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Nevertheless, the couple took a leap of faith and flew to Bogota in Colombia to get the adoption paperwork done and to meet the five siblings—Yohan, Patty, Wilson, Oscar, and Heidy.

They spent seven weeks in the foreign land to connect with their five adopted kids and to earn their trust.

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And as anticipated, it was tough.

Firstly, the oldest boy, 7-year-old Yohan, was manipulative and untrusting. He deliberately did many things to get his desired response from Tyler and Beth.

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Secondly, they struggled to teach the oldest girl, 6-year-old Patty—the maternal figure of the siblings—her new identity.

It’s upsetting for Beth to see Patty playing the role of their mother during the first few weeks. She kept assuring her siblings that they were going to be okay, and was often seen comforting her baby sister, Heidy, whenever she cried.

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When Beth took over her role to care for Heidy at night, Patty “watched me the whole time just to make sure I was doing it right.”

It took three or four weeks for Patty to learn to take the burden off her shoulders.

As time went by, the five siblings warmed up to their new parents.

“We were becoming parents when they were becoming children,” Tyler said.

And with lots of patience, love, and care, the children gradually bonded with Tyler and Beth as one loving family.

“The thing that has held us all together was creating one big family, one big team to take on the world together,” Tyler said.

Now, the Nichols family does everything together to make up for lost time.

Kudos to the Nichols for giving these orphaned siblings a new life, and a warm family environment.

Watch their incredible adoption journey below:


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