Go eco-friendly about your periods: Here is how women in Goa are growing stronger!

Why do women shy away from talking about their menstrual cycles? Regardless of the hesitation from talking about it, we always face issues with disposing of these non-degradable sanitary pads! There is always a hero to every story, Jayshree Parwar and 3 other women started off this journey in Goa, making eco-friendly sanitary pads and this has the power to degrade within 8 days after buried in mud!

The Self Help Group, Saheli in Pilgao has taken the first step in manufacturing sanitary napkins. The raw materials come from Tamil Nadu and the primary product is ‘Pine wood’. Called as  ‘Sakhi Bio-degradable sanitary pads’. Jayshree mentioned that “These sanitary pads consist of pine wood paper, silicon paper, butter paper, non-woven paper and cotton. They are UV light radiated which helps kills germs.”

Credits: thebetterIndia.

Jayshree informed that “Till now she has 50-odd women customers who are using this product. Most of these customers are the village women of Pilgao. These women are not only choosing it over their cloth pads but at the same time educating young girls about it. This product gives them a sense of confidence and freedom to go out and achieve their goals.”

Credits: SwachhIndia.ndtv.

Presently, there are no retail outlets for SHG, thus they sell it at cultural fests like Lokotsav (annual art and cultural fests at Goa) and at cafes like Saraya Art Café at Sangolda, Goa. Over time women are not behind the veils to speak about it and there is a positive feedback off lately as women seem to be educating other women about the benefits.

These pads have resolved the issues of women in villages who resort to cloth pads that are such a task to dispose of, not to mention, unhygienic. Jayshree has planned to come up with eco-friendly diapers to protect children as well.

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