He was a watchman at this college but returned to become the principal of the same college!

Education, despite its importance, is often overlooked upon. People from the poorer sections of the society are compelled to give up their studies to start working at a young age. But by doing so they are only propelling themselves into a circle of never-ending poverty! However, there are some who have broken the very same circle and emerged victoriously, one such hero is Ishwar Singh Bargah. 

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Hailing from a small village in Chattisgarh, Bargah finished his schooling and migrated to Bhilai in search of a job. He started working as a garment salesman on a meagre salary of rupees 150 per month. Soon his uncle referred him to a gardener’s job in Kalyan College where the pay was better.

Ishwar had already enrolled in a B.A. program and was studying along with his work. His dedication to the job earned him a lot of appreciation from the college authorities. In the same campus, he was given the job of a parking stand keeper, construction supervisor and various other roles.

Credit: Kalam Fan Club (Representational image)

After completing his graduation in 1989, the college authorities hired him as a craft teacher. He worked as a teacher during the day and a watchman at night. He was soon promoted to the position of an assistant professor.

Bargah didn’t stop climbing the ladder of education. He completed his M.Ed and then went on to do his M. Phil. He even pursued a doctorate degree all while he was working.

Credit: Kalam Fan Club

Kalyana Shikshana Samithi, in the year 2005, started a college with the name Kalyana Shiksha Mahavidyalaya. By then, Bargah had acquired a name for himself. The trustees saw him as the perfect fit to lead the new institute. He became the principal of the same institute where he worked as a gardener!

Ishwar Singh Bargah is a living example of what determination can do. He not only dared to dream big but worked hard to fulfil them. Most people let their lack of resources dictate their future, they don’t realize that the power to change their life lies in their own hands!

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