It’s now possible to be invisible. This amazing inventor has discovered a magic scarf!

When it comes to super powers, invisibility is very coveted! Imagine being able to do whatever you want without catching anyone’s eyes! Celebrities, however, need this power the most. With the number of paparazzi at an all time high, it is almost impossible for them to keep their private life private. But Saif Siddiqui has invented this scarf that can make you invisible instantly! 

Saif Siddiqui. Credit: Hindustan Times

The ISHU was launched in 2016 by Siddiqui. His aim was to bring back privacy. Since his ideology resonated with the celebrities, in no time, big names from Hollywood picked up the product. Dutch born Siddiqui studied in GD Goenka school in New Delhi.

Credit: Instagram

The scarf blocks out flash photography, blackening the entire picture except for the scarf. The fabric used to make it has been perfected over years by Siddiqui’s band of experts. Millions of spherical nano crystals are added to the material which reflects the flash back to the camera, making the subject practically invisible!

Credit: Instagram

Within six months of its launch, the ISHU scarf had a fan following among the top celebrities of Hollywood

Credit: Instagram

Being hailed as modern day’s invisibility cloak, the ISHU scarf is a blessing for people looking for privacy. The invention is an eye opener as the lack of privacy plagues the celebrities.

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