Kalam’s humble nature is seen in these 4 real life incidents! His values continue to lead us!

This man has contributed enormously towards science, education and the environment. India takes pride in A.P.J Abdul Kalam for his selfless deeds towards the society. Being born into a poor family, he struggled to reach his goals. Though he went on to become the President of our country, his simplicity is spoken across the globe. These 4 short gestures of Kalam are a proof that he was a true legend and fame didn’t kill his humbleness!

Dr. Kalam was an observant person who always gave heed to everyone’s ideas, be it a child or a layman. Being so knowledgeable, he always helped them with good ideas too. He never put down anybody’s ideas and was always open to understanding them.

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Another wonderful habit of Dr. Kalam was that he loved having a personal bond with his people and thus, he wrote thank you cards all by himself. Once when a commoner named Naman Narain sketched Kalam on Quora, Kalam sent a letter to him with his personal signature and a short handwritten message. Surely it made the common man’s day.

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His humility is rightly seen in this incident. Once a subordinate requested Kalam for an early off from work to take his kids to an exhibition. As this subordinate got so busy in his job, Kalam surprised his junior by taking his kids for the exhibition all by himself. This shows his unconditional love and care towards his people. Hats off to Kalam’s humble nature.

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His love for nature is known to every Indian. This incident took place when he was in DRDO where his team suggested a security system and came up with the idea of putting a broken glass on the wall but Dr. Kalam strictly mentioned that the birds would not be able to sit on the wall and perch happily. He always worried about the degradation of the ecosystem and he has also planted various trees for the benefit of the environment.

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Abdul Kalam was truly a legend. His works go a milestone but his humility and generosity have left an indelible mark in the minds of the people!

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