This ‘glass doll’ child’s bones can damage with a strong sneeze, but his willpower keeps him going!

With only a slim chance of survival, this child did not just beat the doctor’s predictions by going on to experience an incredible life but also showed everyone that our time on earth is what you make of it.

When 5-year-old Kaden Casebolt was still in the womb, the doctors had advised his mom, Valorie Salsman, to abort him.

This was because he was diagnosed with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, a disorder in which a person’s bones break extremely easily. At times, it only takes a strong sneeze to damage the bones.

The doctors had given him a 5 percent chance of taking his first breath. “We were told he wouldn’t survive the birth and that we should plan for a funeral, that he would never breathe on his own, that he would never cry and be in so much pain because of all his fractures,” said Valorie.

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Fortunately, Valorie decided to cling on to that 5 percent hope, and months later, Kaden was born. To the surprise of the doctors, he not just survived his first breath, but has continued to grow ever since!

Kaden has suffered over 40 broken bones and has had to go through numerous surgeries to fix them. Over time, he and his family have learned to identify risky situations and take the necessary precautions.

But what has actually kept Kaden alive and well for all these years is his unsurmountable willpower. And despite being just a little kid, his zest for life continues to surprise his parents and those around him.

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“Kaden himself is a strong clever boy and he always keeps on a brave face. He’s got such a bright personality. And the only time he ever shows any type of pain is when he breaks a bone. But the thought of breaking his bones doesn’t ever slow him down,” said stepdad, Benjamin Herzog.

Kaden is incredibly fond of superheroes, especially Superman and Iron Man. In fact, one of his favorite pastimes is dressing up as Iron Man.

“I like the fly parts. Yeah, because I love flying,” said Kaden, reports Live Action. “And I like Batman, and Bane, and Green Lantern, and Super Mario!”

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He is now in kindergarten and very popular with the kids. And if we can learn anything from the wonder kid Kaden Casebolt, it is that one should try to live life to the fullest, no matter what the circumstances.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Barcroft TV.

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