Man who saw ‘hell’ in 1985 shares near-death experiences—too ‘ugly and complete hopelessness’

This professor’s near-death experience (NDE) occurred whilst he was on holidays in France, and it was a life-changing event for him. He shared how he went to hell before returning back. Today, he is a changed man—kind and calm—almost opposite of what he used to be earlier.

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As a former professor of the art department at Northern Kentucky University, Howard Storm described himself prior to his NDE as a self-absorbed, aggressive, and narcissistic person, feared by his family. He was also a typical strong atheist, not believing in God or an afterlife, but rather only believed in the existence of the material world.

However, all this changed when he was on a tour of Europe with his wife and students in 1985. In Paris, while talking to one of his students, Storm suddenly collapsed with excruciating pain and was rushed to hospital.

“I felt as though I’d been shot. There was a searing pain in the middle of my stomach,” Storm wrote in his book My Descent Into Death. “My knees collapsed and I sank to the floor. I held my gut and screamed with pain. Something terrifying was happening inside me, and I didn’t know what it was. I was surprised that there was no wound on the outside of my body. In fact, there had been no sound, and as I glanced about, there was no way a bullet could have entered the room.”

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He was later rushed to a hospital; it was discovered his stomach had a perforation, and he required immediate life-saving surgery. However, there was no available doctor to perform the operation until the following day. He was in intense pain—the gastric acid from his stomach was leaking out into surrounding areas in the abdominal cavity—and eating him away from the inside.

After bidding his wife farewell, he passed out—it was then he experienced his out-of-body experience. Storm left his body, and looking down on himself, he felt totally alive. What followed according to Storm was too “ugly” to talk about, and he was left “laying on the ground all ripped up.”

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Storm described how he felt he had gone to hell, and there were others there who had led lives similar to his. He was violated in every way until there was “nothing left of me.” He found it hard to describe the degradation he experienced.

Storm said how he then began to pray, something in his earthly life he hadn’t done in decades.

He called out to God to be saved, and “spiritual beings of light” appeared to rescue him. Storm was showed a review of his life, and God indicated to him his time was not up. He then returned to his body, and it was then a doctor had suddenly been located to perform the surgery.

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Over the next 12 months, he recovered, and turned his life around—also becoming a Christian Pastor in 1992. Storm’s wife found him to be a totally changed person after the NDE—almost like a stranger. Storm is committed to telling others of his experience, hoping it can help them to change their lives for the better, as he believes we must suffer the consequences of our actions in this life, but we can also reap the rewards.

Storm has written several books about his life-changing experience, and his book titled “My Descent Into Death” is presently under production as a movie.

Watch the trailer below for some insight into Storm’s amazing journey into the afterlife.

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