Abandoned pup was suffering miserably—but after being rescued she began spreading kindness around!

Abandoned and living amidst the trash in L.A., this dog was utterly alone and desperate. When rescuers found her and showed her love, she befriended a fellow rescue dog, and they both made a rather spectacular recovery.

Everybody needs love and when it is missing, it is visible to the naked eye. As the song goes, “All you need is love” and this has some truth. We don’t die right way when deprived of affection; instead, we die slowly and gradually, and after some time, this state becomes visible to others—as was the case with Miley.

Destitute and alone, Miley’s home was a pile of rubbish

Credit: Facebook | Hope For Paws

Miley was initially found by Eldad Hagar, a dog rescuer from Hope For Paws, while she was lying on a mound of trash. She was completely exhausted, very skinny, and lacking fur in many parts of her body.

Miley was fearful and distrustful during Hagar’s initial contact with her. It took some time for Hagar to convince her that he had good intentions. He gave her some treats and began petting her. When Hagar showed affection to Miley, she stopped reacting with fear and began trusting the rescue team.

Miley was then transported to the veterinary care center—being in very poor condition, she needed immediate treatment. Miley had many diseases, including flea infestation, parasites, mange, and bacterial infections. She was incredibly weak and malnourished. Fortunately, the doctors said she could survive, but the process was exhausting for Miley.

“She slept for three days,” said Eldad. “It’s not just the physical healing, but it’s also the mental healing.”

Miley had a lot of emotional healing to do

Credit: Facebook | Eldad Hagar

After a week, Miley began to feel better. Her fur grew back and she appeared more “alive.” She began to trust and love humans again.

Miley was so thankful to the rescue team that she even started giving kisses to one of the volunteers. Miley was ready to give back the kindness and goodness she had received, and it was during that time that Frankie appeared—another stray dog that had also been found on the streets of L.A.

Credit: Facebook | Hope For Paws

Frankie had also been living on a pile of trash, except that he was living in a tunnel under a large highway. He too was very traumatized and terrified, maybe even more than Miley. He was scared of everything and fear dominated his life. But when Frankie was introduced to Miley, they quickly became close friends.

Frankie and Miley’s close friendship was the inspiration for this painting

Miley, who already felt some love and learned how to trust, was a great teacher for Frankie, who, under her wing, could finally open up and be a happy dog. The two cuddled together, played, and helped each other.

“Frankie was licking her wounds. It was so beautiful, especially because he was so shut down himself. When I held the camera that day I knew I captured the most amazed moment,” said Eldad.

Credit: Facebook | Hope For Paws

Frankie and Miley have now both found their forever homes. What the story shows is how great the transformational power of love is. With a bit of kindness and compassion, even the worst conditions can be healed.

As Eldad said, “Many people see themselves in these dogs. If a person is in that vulnerable place and they look at Miley and they see the transformation, they can see there is hope and things get better.”

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