Mom really wanted to see what it was like to sit in this car, but what unfolds—’oh my god!’

A doting son wanted to appreciate his mother’s excellent parenting and loving care, so he prepared a real big surprise for her. This touching video has captured one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

As Jerry Kadish’s mom’s 70th birthday was approaching, he felt that it was the perfect time to gift her something she had been longing for, reported the HuffPost.

Toby Sherman always wanted a Mercedes-Benz the most, but could not bring herself to buy one. So, Jerry thought it was the right time to present her one on her 70th birthday.

The thoughtful son took his mom to a car dealership, while she kept thinking that Jerry’s car, an Audi sports, needed some service. She gushed at the sight of the Audi, and even tried it out with her son’s prodding.

Then he said, “I’m gonna need a winter car.” As he says, he points to a white Mercedes sedan. His mom quickly approached the white Mercedes, sat in the driver’s seat, and says: “This is my car.”

In response, Jerry says, “It is your car, Happy birthday!”

She could not believe her ears, and her reaction was priceless—it made her cry in disbelief.

This beautiful moment is something that this family will cherish forever!

Video Credit: JUKIN.