Spectacular sky with ‘falling stars’ filmed by time lapse photography, truly breath-taking!

People are always amazed whenever they look up the sky, whether it’s a sunny day, a cloudy day, and most of all, at night. As they say, nothing is more stunning and spectacular than a night sky glittered with stars. Don’t you think so?

In a “galaxy” not far away lives a man named Markus Eichenberger. He is a multi-awarded winning photographer and filmmaker, and a travel guide as well. He is currently living in Aarau, Switzerland and he is awesome!

His interests lies in photography and film, while his subjects vary from Nature photography to time lapse filming, as well as, landscape and travel photography. His passion is to capture the beauty of our planet.

Due to technology innovations, we can now have the time-lapse capability in our cameras, digital cameras and even smart phones.

Time lapse filming or photography is an art form that allows people to see the world in a different way. Most of us have experienced seeing a sky filled with stars, but what our naked eye can’t see is how fast these stars move in the sky.

To capture these stars in motion, one needs to take a series of a photos, and with an aid of a software the photos must be assembled into a motion video.

These are collection of pictures which was set on time-lapse and was taken at the Swiss Alps.

Markus has started a project that has been long running for the last five years and has named it “Chasing Stars.” This project includes seven short time lapse films all shot in the Swiss alps at famous locations.

One of his famous time lapse films is the “Mystic Jungfraujoch” that has been selected in the different film festivals, including the Vancouver International Film Festival.

The photographer Markus Eichenberger have these in his collection as a result of his exploration in different places to discover beautiful mountains.

Part of his collection of stars were taken at a lot of beautiful locations including the Matterhorn, Pilatus The Dragon Mountain and Mount Rigi the hiking queen just to name a few.

Aside from his passion of taking time lapse films of stars, he has been to different countries exploring their culture and their different natural wonders. He has been to Mongolia, South America, Uzbekistan, Istanbul, Norway, and Antarctica and so many more places where he brings his photography and film to.

For him filming time lapse photos of millions of stars in the sky has not only been a hobby but a passion as well. Seeing the glittering sky filled with stars that looks like rain falling from the sky is truly magnificent as seen through his eyes.

Big things do indeed come in small packages! Who would have thought that the stars up in the sky would create such a wonderful sight.

Watch the video and see the beauty of the stars!

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