These creepy stones can grow, move and multiply all on their own

We can’t deny that our planet is truly amazing and full of wonders. Romania has more than its fair share of creepy stuff that seems to be alive but isn’t. Or is it? If you ever go to Romania, stop by the village of Costesti and you’ll come across an incredible geological phenomenon called ‘Trovant’. 

Consisting of cemented sand and mineral salts, these mysterious stones called trovants appear to grow on their own.

These enigmatic stones have puzzled researchers and experts ever since their discovery. Geologists believe that the rocks were created by earthquakes that occurred 6 million years ago. They assume that trovants consist of a stone core with an outer shell of sand. Moreover, the stones can only form in areas with highly porous sand accumulations and sandstone deposits that are cemented by waters rich in calcium carbonate.

The Mysterious Stones that appear to be alive

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The trovants can grow from a few millimeters to as large as 10 meters. Even more interesting, these stones are not only able to grow but also able to move around and reproduce. None of the experts have been able to explain clearly as to how these stones can actually grow and how they’re able to move. Locals know that every time it rains, the stones come to life and start growing.

They can grow, move and reproduce!

However, WhenOnEarth tells us that “…any form of water rich in calcium carbonate is essential in forming a Trovant, and that is also the key to make the rock grow in the presence of rainwater. After every heavy rain shower, Trovants absorb the rain’s minerals. The minerals are combined with the chemicals already present in the stone that later creates a reaction and pressure inside. The pressure spontaneously makes the rock grow from the center to its margins and multiply, with a deposition rate of about 4-5 cm in 1000 years”.

An Inorganic form of life

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After heavy rainfall, the surface of the stone begins to develop lumps and bumps. When the lumps grow to a certain size, they break off from the ‘mother stone’ and start to grow even faster. Scientists even claim that these stones are capable of breathing, but the process is very slow with a single breath lasting them for up to two weeks.

But perhaps the most interesting capability the trovants possess is their ability to move 2.5 mm within two weeks on their own. Explanations like weird magnetism, strange energy vortexes and alien intervention prove that experts are nowhere near to solving this mystery.

Is matter alive?

To find more answers, scientists decided to cut the stones in half and found only cemented sand and mineral salts, and observed strange rings – like the ones you see when you cut a tree. This has led many experts to refer to these stones as an ‘inorganic form of life’. Similar ‘rocks’ have been discovered in the Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan and other places.

Real living stones?

If you ever make it to Romania and visit the Trovants Museum National Reserve, you can take some home and grow them anywhere!

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