This young sex worker fell in love, decides to marry; her in-laws’ reaction is commendable!

Does one dare to fall in love regardless of what the situation is? Well, rarely yes. If two people can make it happen even if the world were against them, that is the victory of love! On that note, here is the story of a sex worker from Delhi’s Garstin Bastion Road and her client who fell in love. They went on planning the future together and fascinatingly, the man’s parents have agreed to it. Hats off to parents who can trust their children and not degrade the dignities of women!

Credits: HindustanTimes.

The man took help from ‘Delhi Commission for Women’ to take measures to rescue her from the brothel. A huge force of police officers and DCW councillors raided the Kotha. He had informed them that, “She came from Nepal to India after the disastrous earthquake of the year 2015 and she was from a poor family and lost everything. Due to lack of food and livelihood, she had come to Delhi and someone sold her at GB Road.”

Credits: IndiaToday.

Many women are being trafficked and sold off without their consent and very rare situations like these have a good ending. Luckily, this couple is to tie the knot soon and live happily with the man’s family. More officers and rescue teams as these and much more families in India would enhance a better life for these women in misery!

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