Motorist films 20,000 DUCKS at a zebra crossing! They should join a formal parade!

A string of 20,000 very well-behaved ducks waddling across a zebra crosswalk is certainly not a common sight, as it looks more like a scene from a movie or a children’s storybook.

This comical footage was captured in one shot by a patient driver from inside a vehicle while waiting to continue to go about his day. The seemingly endless string of ducks toddled by, softly quacking all the way across a zebra crosswalk in China. On the other side of the road, a long line of traffic was starting to build up as the even longer string of ducks and ducklings of all shapes, sizes and colors made their passage for around two minutes approximately!

This hilarious scene had people not quite knowing if it was a joke or if they were daydreaming while this rare sight brought traffic to a halt. After all, seeing a flock of 20,000 cute ducks in a bunch does tickle the imagination, especially if the last duck seems to be saying: “Don’t you dare leave me behind!”

The amateur footage showed the ducks starting their march from a wooded underbrush.

Some motorists were photographing the funny scene.

The flock of country ducks was apparently been taken by a farmer to a new spot of land for feeding.

“Im-PECK-able” behavior!

Let’s watch the video below!

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