Dakota the Siberian Husky Throws a fit leaving the dog park

It was a beautiful day at the dog park for Dakota the husky, but like all good things, it eventually had to come to an end. However, Dakota wasn’t about to go home without a fight, or more accurately a tantrum.

In the video below posted on March 18, 2017, Dakota is lying on the ground with his owner holding his leash, and telling him it’s time to go home now.

“Dakota, let’s go; it’s time to leave,” she tells him, but the sad husky stays as still as possible. Soon, his other owner approaches him from the side.

He tries to pick Dakota up, and that is exactly when the doggy tantrum ensues. Dakota flips over and whines, pushing his legs out to distance himself from his male owner.

“Try and pick him up,” his female owner tells her partner. At this point, the tantrum grows louder and stronger, as a camera captures it all.

Dakota groans and kicks out his legs again, continuing to put up a fight. He just wants to stay at the dog park, like a kid at a playground. Both of his owners laugh at their silly dog’s antics and continue trying to get him to come along with them. Unfortunately, Dakota is not ready to leave willingly.

He keeps flopping around on the ground and crying, hoping that his owners will stay a bit longer, but it’s no use. His owner finally gets a good grip on the lovable dog and picks him up, to take him to the car.

Watch the hilarious spectacle for yourself:

“My 1 and a half year old Siberian Husky Dakota displays his usual dramatics when we attempt to get him to leave the dog park. “

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