$250 Million Mega mansion in Bel Air is Most Expensive Home in US

At $250 million, a new mega mansion in the exclusive Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles is the most expensive home listed in the United States. The four-level, 38,000-square-foot mansion was built on spec. (Feb. 7)

It may be the most expensive home ever sold in the US.

38 thousand square feet, 21 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, and countless luxury amenities.

This fresh Bel Air mansion, fit for a prince, can be yours for a whopping 250 million dollars.

Developer Bruce Makowsky, who specializes in building mansions for billionaires, says living in the home is like being a kid in a candy store for the super rich.

“It didn’t make sense to me that people were spending 250 million dollars on a yacht, 100 million dollars on a plane and then living in 20 or 30 million dollar homes” he said.

“So what I’m doing is taking that same sensibility for the super wealthy and I’m creating this incredibly beautiful luxury home in the most beautiful place in the world, Los Angeles.”

The property includes some eye-popping perks, including a 40-seat indoor theatre, and a hydraulic pop-up outdoor theatre inside a glass tile infinity swimming pool.

“Just this feeling of the water running and having this 360 degree view of all of California, it doesn’t get any better,” said Makowsky.

The mega mansion also has a four-lane bowling alley, a bar with one of the largest custom TVs ever built inside a private home, a fully stocked wine cellar and a fully equipped fitness center and massage room.

The owner can come home in style thanks to an auto gallery filled with classic cars valued at more than 30 million dollars, and be greeted by seven full-time staff members whose salaries for two years are included in the price.

“You don’t want to leave this place. You literally don’t want to leave it. You don’t have to leave it. Every service in the world is in this house. You’ll want to have as many friends and family come over to enjoy it as possible,” said Makowsky.

If Makowsky is able to get his asking price, it’ll be the highest ever paid for an LA home, surpassing the sale of the famous Playboy Mansion last year which went for 100 million dollars.