LeBristol Palace – Luxury 5 Star Hotel in Paris

Le Bristol Palace is France’s 5-star, 90-year-old hotel, decorated in the authentic 18th-century style with antiques and Louie XVI period furniture. Le Bristol has been visited by countless of celebrities and prominent figures for its luxurious atmosphere and detailed artistry.

Le Bristol is one of the Paris’ finest hotels, which housed many famous cultural and fashion figures from around the world for more than 90 years. With the hotel also being the backdrop for film “Midnight in Paris,” the luxurious art deco interior and furniture creates an atmosphere of royalty and elegance.


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At the hotel, Hyesoo was invited to stay at Le Bristol and experience not only the royal suites but also Spa Le Bristol and the famous Epicure restaurant, where 3-star Michelin chef Eric Frechon was personally interviewed by Hyesoo. During the interview, there was a demonstration of how the artichoke dish is seasoned with sauces and herbs, to become a beautiful art piece.

Eric Frechon - Hallyu World

Topics include Eric’s early life from how he started cooking to his food philosophy and his own thoughts on French Cuisine. Chef Eric also explains the importance of this team and how they have helped him to shape the Epicure to the must-go-to restaurant that is now adored by food critics, visitors and foodies from around the world. This exclusive interview is part of the series, ‘Hyesoo in Paris,’ a short series produced by Hallyu World.
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