Historic garage transformed into a beautiful of a tiny home in Bordeaux, France

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Jérémie Buchholtz, a photographer who splits his time between Paris and Bordeaux, was looking for an affordable apartment in Bordeaux His search was unsuccessful until he came across a garage listing. That’s right, and abandoned garage “with character,” not a house or an apartment.

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Complete with huge metal doors that hid garage “junk” in its dank darkness, most people would have passed within the first five minutes. Not Buchholtz. He called his friend, architect Matthieu de Marien, who specializes in typically non-living spaces into livable comfort and style. De Marien was known for converting offices, stores, and other structures into homes.

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De Marien visited his friend’s discovery and immediately saw its potential. Private, historic, and unique were the instantly recognizable ingredients. Buchholtz purchased the property and De Marien transformed it into a “house within a house.” Take a look!